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French Broad Adventures

FBA is Asheville's premier outdoor adventure company for whitewater rafting, ziplining, and canyoneering. As long-time clients of Status Forward, FBA shared their plans to unveil their new course offering, seeking the best advice on including this on the website. Conversations revealed many additional opportunities for improved accessibility, mobile display, and user experience. As a result, all stakeholders decided it was a good time for a complete redesign.

My involvement

Design & Strategy Lead
Object-Oriented User Experience
UI Design
Webflow Development


Leah Quintal
Laurel Scherer
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Using an object-oriented user experience process, the improvements made to the user experience reduce confusion, prepare visitors, and streamline bookings.

Key areas:

  • The updated navigation menu lets users see the activity options quickly and allows for growth. They can quickly find a package to save money, purchase gift cards, find seasonal offerings, and learn about group reservations.
  • Details about trips are stored as filterable metadata so users can easily find a trip that interests them.
  • A new locations section ensures a trip is mapped correctly to a meeting location, helping visitors find where they need to show up.
  • Relevant FAQs now appear on appropriate activities for search engine optimization and the global FAQs page, so that customer service can quickly reference all FAQs from one place.
  • Their new service offering, instruction, is now available in the main navigation.
  • With proper labeling, alt tagging, and minor color adjustments, the website passes accessibility tests with zero errors or contrast issues.
  • With 65% of visitors viewing the website on mobile, the mobile view was designed with intention, making it much easier and clear to use.
  • I added schema markup to critical areas of the site for more optimal search results and display.
FBA navigation menu

Navigation menu

fba zip single view
fba - rafting single view

Trip detail pages

FBA group reservations

Group reservations call-to-action

fba iphone screens

Activity landing page in mobile view

fba activities

Activity categories landing page

fba packages

Packages index with filtering capability

fba trips index

Locations detail page now lists all trips leaving from that location.

fba faqs

FAQs are available on activities pages.

FBA course index
fba course single

Course Instruction pages

fba site planning and strategy screens

Sneak peaks of the OOUX Process

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